C - AHL Roster Regulation 2016-2017HOT

Only Players can be registered respectively, are allowed to play within the Alps Hockey League, who are officially registered and confirmed by the respective National Federation. The respective National Federation together with the registering club has to secure that the players do have access to all national Anti-Doping Regulation of the respective National Anti-Doping-Law, the penalty catalogue of the EBEL/AHL as well as the Fair Play statement of commitment.

Only players can be registered by the League-Organization for the AHL-Competition which are listed on the official AHL-Roster Sheet which has to be confirmed by signature and official stamp of the respective National Federation.

22-man-roster + U22-TC + U20-TC-roster (see §1(3)):
A club may register a maximum of 22 players in total (on the rosters) whereby the maximum number of points of the players must not exceed 36 points.

National U24 players within the club must be reported in the roster notification for the AHL. However, those players are not counted in the 22-man roster, as they are eligible to play for their club in the AHL at all times.

Confirmation of registration with the ÖEHV by using its official documents is precondition of the eligibility to play in AHL.

The deadline for reporting each team's roster is September 12th, 2016, 12.00 noon; by that time, at least 10 players and 1 goalkeeper (total of all players on 22-man-roster, U20-tk-roster and U24-roster) must be reported. From this time on, at least 10 players and a goalie have to be registered throughout the season.

Considered the first exchange from September 12th, of the respective season will be either:

  • The Registration of a player whose points exceed the 36 points limit (excluding national U24 players), irrespective of whether a player has been deregistered again.
  • or the 23rd player registration – without U24 players on the 22-man roster – (also if the max. 36 points haven’t been reached)

No further exchanges or registrations (also no registration of national U24 players) may be carried out after the end of the Transfer Deadline January 31st, 2017, 11:59 pm.