Fundamental RulesHOT

  1. Collection of game night information after the games | To Do’s after games

    • Receive reports if there was an issue in the game

    • Receive report from ref supervisors and game delegates when present at games

    • Review game sheet

    • „Situation-room“ review (for all TV games)

    • DOHOPS phones (if necessary) to get further reports

    • DOHOPS game observation + online-supervisor game observation

    • Compile all the game information from night before

    • Compilation of Video-Clips from all available resources

    • Necessary clips are sent to AHL DOPS members

    • Compile AHL DOPS information –AHL DOPS-Feedback

    • If necessary contacting the AHL DOPS members again (e-mail / phone / skype) and final coordination of verdict

    • If necessary send out suspension reports

    • Add video and info to website

  2. After suspension is public

    • Return to all calls & answer coaches questions

    • “Recommendations” to coaches for their players

  3. Automatic review situations:

    • All match penalties

    • All major penalties

    • All game misconducts

    • All abusive of official penalties

    • Aggressive penalties (ex. hit to the head, checking from behind, high-sticking…)

    • All injury situations regardless of penalty being called

    • Multiple penalties at same stoppage

  4. File of complaint by club automatically sent to AHL DOPS

Incomplete complaints (without Protest-Money / E-Mails / Text massages / Phone Calls / Voice Messages) will be forwarded to the opposing clubs and will then be instantly deleted (time period after the game until 6pm the following day).