Fundamental RulesHOT

The following documents govern the conduct of league play:

  1. Memorandum of Understanding between the Italian Ice Sports Federation, the Austrian Icehockey Federation and the Slovanian Ichockey Federation for the establishment and organization of the „Alps Hockey League Championship“, starting in the 2016/17 season, open to all clubs from the three Federations, signed on May 21st 2016 in Moscow.

  2. The cooperation agreement between the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (EBEL) and the Alps Hockey League represented by the Austrian Ice Hockey Federation (ÖEHV), Slovenian Ice Hockey Federation (Hokejska Zveza Slovenije, or HZS) and Italian Ice Hockey Federation ( Federation Italiana Sport del Chiaccio, or FISG)

  3. The AHL-Fundamental Rules, the EBEL/AHL GameBook (consisting of Procedure Regulations, Casebook, Goalie Standards, Department of Players Safety Procedures (DOPS), “Standard of Play Protocol” and the Penalty Catalogue).

  4. The future agreements between the Alps Hockey League (AHL) and its future sponsors 

  5. The future agreements between the Alps Hockey League (AHL) and its television host broadcasters and TV partners, including the catalogue of requirements for production operations.

  6. The statutes and by-laws of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) as well as the provisions of the current version of the IIHF Official Rule Book, Fundamental Rules, Procedure Regulations, EBEL/AHL Casebook and all official documents the EBEL-Office implements as necessary.

  7. The National Federations Reporting Regulations and Disciplinary Codes.