Fundamental RulesHOT

  1. In case a club is not competing despite from side of National Federations and EBEL Organization mandatory security order, willful and without any legitimate reason, in this case unauthorized, this culpable club will be immediate suspended during the current championship. Should an AHL club fail to appear properly at championship games twice within one season, that AHL club will be disqualified from the current championship, unless otherwise decided by the AHL Board of Governor in co-operation with the National Federations.

  2. If an AHL club is disqualified from the current championship, all of that AHL club's games in the current season in each phase of the regular season will be removed from the league standings. If the disqualification happens in the Playoffs, the current round at the time of the AHL club's disqualification will be recorded as a loss for the disqualified AHL club. 

  3. If a club is insolvent respectively unable to pay salaries to Players, Coaches and employees or debts to other companies, the Board of Governors can decide if the club should be expelled from the current Championship.

  4. If an AHL Club is switching to another league or does not play the league season for any reasons after having made an official registration for the depending season an existent bank guarantee will expire for the benefit of the AHL respectively the club will be requested to pay a fee of EUR 25.000,- to the AHL.