Fundamental RulesHOT

  1. After the completion of a game, it is at the obligatory discretion of the EBEL/AHL Disciplinary Commission to examine each incident which arose in the course of the game, to conduct the relevant investigations, and to impose additional penalties on AHL clubs and players. 

  2. The range of punishment (game and fee-penalties) for additional penalties is laid down in the EBEL/AHL Penalty catalogue. The observation period for previous penalties or fines is retroactive 24 month from the date of the penalty or fine (e.g. 14.12.2014 – 14.12.2016). If during this period a penalty or fine has been imposed, the penalty or fine increase by 50% to total 150%. If during this period more than one penalty or fine has been imposed, the penalty or fine increase by 100% to total 200%. The observation period starts with the first game day of AHL season 2016/17.

  3. In cases where a player or coach changes to another AHL-Club or a foreign club, the unenforced remainder of the penalty will be suspended and must be served before the player or coach can resume activities with a domestic AHL club.

  4. Relevant Investigations start after the end of the period of notification, with the goal set to finalize the proceedings, including the verdict until 24:00 of the day following the game but at the latest 10 o´clock of the next game day. Investigations of serious nature can be put "under review" until DOPS/PSC have sufficient time to adequately review the case pending with no maximum time frame.