H - Usher and Security Services

  1. The EBEL Office can nominate a game-delegate for every game during the championship. The game-delegate is engaged to send a written report about each supervised EBEL/AHL-game to the league office and the EBEL/AHL disciplinary commission on the following day.

  2. The home-club has to grant an “All-area-Access” to the game-delegate at all time from 2 hours before until 1 hour after the game.

  3. The instructions of the game-delegate have to be followed in any case

  4. The game-delegate is checking and observing the following topics:

    • Technical issues such as Video Goal Judge System, commercial break materials, video upload system or online scoring

    • Observation of all security issues

    • Observation of all rules and regulations of game operations

    • Observation of all rules and regulations for marketing, sponsoring and TV

  5. In case of complaints in different areas, the league office will send a report to the respective club.