I - Disciplinary MeasuresHOT

  1. Verdict for “On-Ice Situations”- | Department of Player Safety

    The Director of Hockey Operations will investigate and determine whether an additional suspension is deemed necessary.

    In cases where a suspension (not an automatic suspension) is deemed necessary, the respective means of evidence will be sent to the members of the Player Safety Committee (PSC). After receiving the judgment of the PSC members, the decision is final and distributed by the EBEL Director of Hockey Operations. An appeal process is possible against this decision. A detailed description of the appeal process is specified under § 5 (3). A detailed description of the procedure “DOPS” | “PSC” can be found in Appendix A. 

    Should the original provision remain unconfirmed, or, if an imposition of sanctions is deemed unnecessary, the EBEL Disciplinary Senate will dismiss the charges. There are no legal means against this decision.

  2. The EBEL Justice commission acts as the court of appeal for DOPS-Decisions. An appeal process against DOPS-Decisions (“ON-ICE” decisions) is possible under the following conditions:

    • the appeal has to be sent in within a time limit from 12:00 o´clock of the next day after receiving the decision by DOPS with a written explanatory statement

    • an appeal is only possible by the affected party

    • the appeal condition is the payment of the appeal fee of EUR 2.500,- (EBYSL/EBJL EUR 500) until 12 o´clock of the day after the DOPS-Decision. Simultaneously a proof of payment (E-Banking receipt) has to be sent

    • an appeal is only possible for DOPS decisions of more than 2 games

    • DOPS has to send the appeal with a statement immediately to the Justice commission

    • the decision of the court of appeal is prior based on videos and reports

    • the court of appeal can ask for feedback from International hockey specialists

    • the court of appeal can raise and reduce sanctions

    • an appeal has no penalty postponing effects

    • the court of appeal decides within 48 hours after the end of the appeal deadline and not earlier than before the end of the DOPS decision following league-game

  3. There are no further legal means against the appeal decision of the EBEL justice commission as court of appeal for DOPS decisions.

  4. A founded appeal can be filed against the verdict of the EBEL justice commission with simultaneously transmission of proof of payment (E-Banking receipt) of an appeal fee of € 5.000 (per case) and flat-rate arbitration costs of € 2.000 (per case) within two days, 12:00 noon after delivery date, which has to be sent by E-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and fax to +43 / (0)1 / 890 17 54 – 12. The arbitration court of the Austrian Ice hockey Federation will decide on the appeal. 

  5. Location of Meetings

    The EBEL Justice Commission will hold meetings in Vienna, except, if the members order another location due to objective reasons. There is no right to determine a different location. A meeting by Phone or video conference is possible. Decisions by DOPS will generally be made by way of video or phone conference.

  6. Player Agent Licensing 

    Starting with the time that licensing for player agents is obligatory, EBEL clubs are obliged, to ensure that all formal and organizational arrangements for this purpose are carried out in due time.

  7. Approach for charges

    If a person related to the club presses charges with a state authority after a game situation resulted in an injury and a process is being started, the respective club has to pay a processing fee of EUR 15.000 within 7 working days to the EBEL.

    The EBEL will use this processing fee to engage a specialist so that all such incidents stay out of public sanctions range and mitigate the consequences.

  8. Regulation for suspended coach/functionary

    A suspended coach/functionary is NOT ALLOWED to stay in the following described areas or respectively have any contact with the team 1 hour before the start of the game and until 30 minutes after the game:

    • be within the locker-room 1 hour before the game until 30 minutes after the game

    • be within the mixed-zone on the way from the locker-room to the player bench

    • be at or next to the players-bench

    • have contact with any members active on the players-bench by signals or verbal means (including usage of electronic devices)

The suspended coach/functionary is not part of the team during his suspension and his league wide accreditation is not valid during his suspension. He is not allowed to sign any game report or other documents and cannot give any official statement for the club.

The suspended coach/functionary can watch and observe the game at home-games as well as away-games from the spectator area. The respective ticket has to be taken from the respective ticket-allocation of the away-team. The respective home-club must be informed in good time prior to the game.

If the suspended coach/functionary does not act according to these guidelines, this will lead to another decision by the justice of commission of the EBEL.
The Club-managers are responsible for the observation and supervision of these rules and have to inform the arena-security personal when the suspended coach/functionary is coming for the respective away-game.