Fundamental RulesHOT

  1. A suspended coach/functionary is NOT ALLOWED to stay in the following described areas or respectively have any contact with the team 1 hour before the start of the game until 30 minutes after the game:

    • Stay within the locker-room 1 hour before the game until 30 minutes after the game

    • Stay within the mixed-zone on the way from the locker-room to the player bench

    • Stay at or next to the players-bench

    • No contact with any members active on the players-bench by signals or verbal means (including usage of electronic devices)

  2. The suspended coach/functionary is not part of the team during his suspension and his league wide accreditation is not valid during his suspension. He is not allowed to sign any game report or other documents and cannot give any official statement for the club.

  3. The suspended coach/functionary can watch and observe the game at home-games as well as away-games from the spectator area. The respective ticket has to be taken from the respective ticket-allocation of the away-team. The respective home-club must be informed in good time prior to the game.

  4. If the suspended coach/functionary does not act according to this respective guidelines this will lead to another decision by the penalty commission of the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga.

  5. The Club-managers are responsible for the observation and supervision of these rules and have to inform the arena-security personal when the suspended coach/functionary is coming for the respective away-game.


The prescribed procedures and disciplinary actions in the Fundamental Rules and GameBook re-place respective, general regulations in the Disciplinary Code of ÖEHV.

EBEL Fundamental Rules and the GameBook are the bases for the working format of the EBEL. On occasions, a potential issue may arise that is not otherwise covered within the Rules.

In the event a potential issue may arise in the course of a season, which is not currently covered with the EBEL Fundamental Rules or EBEL GameBook (but pertains to), the EBEL Team can request a “special request” through an application and description of the issue.

The special request will be reviewed by the EBEL with the required recommendations based on expertise and experience.

The final decision will be based on the special request description a team has put forward and supporting information the EBEL League provides with a final decision by a 4 member panel requiring a minimum of a 75% in support vote to be passed. The Special Request Panel will be formed as the following members:

    • EBEL President

    • EBEL Sports Committee Chairman

    • EBEL Justice Commission (2 members)