Fundamental RulesHOT

  1. In all cases where EBEL/EBYSL+EBJL‘s Fundamental Rules and it’s integrating agreements (see Part I §2), the EBEL Disciplinary Senate is responsible to set Penalties against offenders by way of a ruling. The EBEL Disciplinary Senate is divided into two levels.  The EBEL Justice Commission (off-ice) is responsible for league disputes, for game authentication, Support of the League Presidency in common law questions, the written finalization (official copy) of Senates‘ decisions and to declare verdicts against team-officials. The Department of Player Safety (DOPS) is made up by the EBEL Director of Hockey Operations, the Commissioner of the EBYSL+EBJL and international Committee members of the Player Safety Committee (PSC).

  2. The Payment of the Fines for penalties handed and the respective arrival of the money will be announced to the EBEL Disciplinary Senate following the end of the payment period.