1. Official game sheets are prepared by the ICE Hockey League's Live Scoring System. For this purpose, the clubs' scorekeepers are trained and provided with a manual at the ICE Hockey League Scorekeeper Training Seminars. The home club is required to provide the hardware necessary for the ICE Hockey League Live Scoring System (laptop computer with Windows XP or later, Internet Explorer 7 or higher) as well as a printer, to keep the hardware ready for operation and to make the necessary telecommunications connections (full Internet connection) available. The home club's scorekeeper is required to make the following entries in the ICE Hockey League Live Scoring System:

    1. At least 75 minutes prior to opening face-off:

      • Submission of completed team rosters signed by the responsible club official with a maximum of 22 eligible players and lineups to the scorekeeper / online scorer in the team's dressing room

    2. 60 minutes prior to opening face-off:

      • Submission of official game sheet to the responsible club official by the scorekeeper / online scorer
      • The responsible official is to confirm the roster shown with his/her signature.

    3. 20 minutes prior to opening face-off:

      • Announcement of the starting six

    4. 10 minutes prior to opening face-off:

      • The responsible officials receive a copy of the official game sheet showing the starting six players for each team.

    5. During the game:

      • Goal scorers and assistants
      • Penalties
      • Goalkeeper changes
      • +/-
      • Shots on goalkeeper
      • Time outs
      • Face-Offs
      • Goal shots players
      • Remaining gaming time every minute (20, 19, 18…)
      • In case of penalty shooting ALL penalty shooters

    6. After the game:

      • Number of spectators
      • Entry of additional statistics

        In this context, it is necessary to note explicitly that there is no need to prepare the official game sheet in handwritten form, but in the event of electronic failure it must be prepared at all times in parallel to the electronic entry of the data.

  2. In cases when the necessary technical equipment fails, or the internet connection is disrupted, the schedule indicated above must be observed as closely as possible. Each home club is responsible to have a handheld stop clock in the event the game clock is experiencing technical difficulties. This handheld stop clock will be considered the official game time until the game is finished, or the technical difficulties have been resolved and the game clock is fully operational.

  3. The original game report has to be signed by the Referees and the responsible functionaries and sent to via fax to the following:

    1. ICE Hockey League
      Fax: +43 / (0)1 / 890 17 54 – 12

    2. Austrian Hockey Federation (ÖEHV)
      Fax: +43 / (0)1 / 202 00 20 – 50

    3. ÖEHV Statistics
      Fax: +43 / (0)316 / 687 321

    4. Office of the respective visiting team (fax number ICE Hockey League Media Guide)

      The scorekeeper is to verify the timely dispatch of these reports on the basis of the transmission report.

      Any additional notifications (reports) must also be faxed to the recipients under a) to c) by 12:00 noon on the day following the game.

      No additional statistics or additional notifications may be made available to third parties.

  4. All other requirements regarding the completion of the official game sheet can be found in the IIHF Off-Ice Officials Handbook.