1. In coordination with the ICE Hockey League and the television broadcaster covering the event, the home club must compile its schedule in such a way that the "final ceremony" and the entry of the players and referees as well as the lineup of both teams on their respective blue lines is included and completed by the scheduled opening face-off time.

  2. The home club must communicate this schedule in writing to the ICE Hockey League, the visiting club, the referees and the production manager from the television broadcaster covering the event at least two hours prior to the start of the game.

  3. 4 minutes prior to opening face-off the teams national anthem(s) is (are) played, if possible live.

  4. Two minutes prior to the puck drop the starting six players line up at their blue line with helmets in hand. Goalies remain in their goal crease with helmet in hand. First the starting six of the visiting club then the starting six of the home club. Players remain at their blue line during introduction until the home goalie has been introduced. The remaining players must take a seat on their players' benches.

  5. The introduction of the starting six is done by the stadium announcer. At first two defenders, then three forwards and finally the goalkeeper are introduced (e.g., with personal information or statistics). This introduction must be carried out in a neutral manner and without any form of provocation. It is not permitted to mention penalty times, suspensions, etc. in these announcements.