1. It is important to ensure that the video and audio material presented does not include any insulting or provoking content or interfere with the sportsmanlike execution of the championship game in any other way. The media views made available, are to be deployed in such a way that the sportsmanlike execution of the game is not compromised, that players and referees are not disturbed or irritated, and it complies with the spirit of fair play – especially vis-à-vis the visiting team, players and officials.

  2. Showing replays of penalty decisions, injured players or disallowed goals, especially video evidence, is prohibited. In addition, no replays of complaints or other unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of players or officials may be shown.

  3. Showing replays of fights between two or more players is prohibited.

  4. Entertaining material such as “Kiss-Cam” is not allowed to be shown in reference to all players, coaches and on ice game officials.

  5. The IIHF's Jumbo Screen rules apply (§ 21)