1. During the entire event, it is not permitted to announce the sponsors of bonuses for goals or assists.

  2. Advertising announcements may only be made before the game, during game interruptions, during intermissions, and after the game.

  3. All announcements must be made in a neutral manner without provocation of the teams or officials.

  4. The game officials’ nationality or place of residence may not be announced.

  5. Announcers are not permitted to carry out ancillary activities (e.g., radio announcing) during the game.

  6. The interim and final results of other games may be announced. Commenting on such results is not permitted.

  7. The announcer is to convey the following information via the public address system:

    1. Goal scorers and assistants

    2. Penalties

    3. End of penalty times

    4. 1 minute remaining until the end of the first and second periods

    5. 2 minutes remaining until the end of the third period of the game

    6. Timeouts

    7. Reviews of plays by referees and their decisions (Video Decisions)

    8. Power break