1. The home club is responsible for a complete video-recording of the game, including the warm-up and incident that may have happened on the ice in the intermissions. In all stoppages, the game clock has to be included in the footage and the recording is not to be stopped. The following criteria have to be adhered when filming the game and the footage needs to be usable for video analysis:

    • According to the game situation the whole zone (Defensive, Offensive and Neutral) must be shown.
    • The operator should not lose the puck from the eyes/screen.
    • The spectators should not be filmed.

  2. The home club must provide the visiting club and the main referee (when requested) with a copy of the video recording on the USB stick provided by the league free of charge immediately after the game and without being asked to do so.

  3. The home club is obliged to upload a complete recording of each game to the EBEL Video Exchange System by 9:00 am at the latest on the day following the game.

  4. The home club has to take all necessary measures to enable the recording to be made best possible Camera Standard and the best possible Picture quality. Should the quality of the video be insufficient to ICE Hockey League’s needs, the Home team is bound to immediately upgrade hardware and/or educate the responsible person. Should the issue ensue or be ignored, the ensuing penalty will be decided following the ICE Hockey League-penalty catalogue

  5. Every club has to name a responsible person for the video-recording. This person should not change and be the same for all home games.

  6. Upon request, the home club, must provide the ICE Hockey League with a copy of the video recording without delay and free of charge, and – in cases when the Disciplinary Senate deems in necessary to investigate – must provide sequences of the game for download or via e-mail.

  7. The hosting club has to provide a HD-SDI signal of the leading camera to the video coach of the guest club. Additionally, a working spot with socket (230V), internet access, seating possibilities and view on the rink have to be provided.

  8. Failure to comply with the rules in lit (1)-(7) will be penalized according to the ICE Hockey League Penalty Catalogue.

In case of utilization of the ICE Hockey League-DOPS GameCenter, the general guidelines of §21 are valid. A detailed target list and/or addition to the procedure regulations will be determined.