The usage of the video jumbo screens and video scoreboards in arenas should enhance the game and not intrude or affect the flow of the game.

The images on the jumbo screen should entertain, but not incite the fans. Under no circumstances should video shown on the jumbo screen be used to disgrace the game, its players, game officials, team officials or spectators.

In general, a wide variety of different images can be shown on the jumbo screen during the game. However, the main focus should be on creating an additional value to the game itself by primarily using images such as live game action, game action replays, infotainment cartoons, player pictures etc.

In a lesser extend pure amusement images should be used such as crowd animation cartoons, fan close ups, etc.

The following guidelines should help the organization to reach these goals by using the jumbo screen.

In case of not following these rules, a consequence will be the prohibition to use the jumbo screen during the championship or the event.

  1. At no time a video replay has to be shown on the jumbo screen if the intent or obvious effect of the replay will be to incite the fans or to be critical of the officiating of the game.

  2. In particular, close, questionable or controversial officiating calls or plays in which no call is made and to which the crowd reaction is obviously negative, may not be replayed.

  3. Although live game action is permitted on the jumbo screen, to show fights and situations leading to fights is forbidden. Showing of video from the video goal judge replay system is not permitted.


(Scenes which can be shown) 

Type of Image Time to be shown Comments
Live Game Action

During the Game

Consider the exceptions
described above, No audio

During stoppages of play,
(commercial) time outs, etc -
especially after exciting game
actions, goal scenes as well as
clear and non-questionable
Consider the exceptions
described above, No audio

Game highlight package

Before the game, in the
intermission and after the game

Consider the exceptions
described above, No audio

Player Pictures

Team Roster

Starting 6

Goal scorer

Penalized player

Best Player of Game

Simultaneously with the roster

Presentation of the public

Simultaneously with the
starting 6 presentation of the
public announcer

During the goal scorer

During the penalty

During the Best Player of the
Game presentation

Player Cards with picture, name,
number, current club, age and
nationality of the player
Penalty and referee sign

Immediately following the
Penalty call

Entertaining informative
cartoons showing the most
common penalty reassons + one
generic penalty cartoon followed
by the respective referee sign
Duration approx 10 sec
Entertainment images

During stoppages of play,
commercial time outs, etc.

Caertoon mascot animating
Spectators. Other animations
(kiss me cam, etc.)
Advertising clips

During the breaks the advertising
clip can be played. They have too
be stopped if the game continue.