1. In accordance with the latest IIHF Rule Book and the ICE Hockey League Fundamental Rules, the following off-ice officials must be present at each game:

    • One scorekeeper (with up to two assistants)
    • One timekeeper
    • One announcer
    • Two penalty bench attendants
    • One Live Scoring System operator
    • One video system operator for the above-goal camera

  2. At each ICE Hockey League game, at least two scorekeepers licensed by the ÖEHV must be present. The scorekeepers are certified by the ÖEHV before the start of each season. Official game sheets can only be signed by scorekeepers who have this certification. As the scorekeeper is responsible for all off-ice officials at the game, in cases where the scorekeeper is absent only his/her representatives, who must likewise have participated in the training seminar, or in exceptional cases third parties explicitly and verifiably instructed by the scorekeeper, may sign the official game sheet.

    Each club is required to send all scorekeepers deployed in the course of a season to the ÖEHV OFF-Ice Officials education – weekend workshop.

    Each club has to ensure that additional Education Arena Workshops training seminars can be held at the arena before and during the ICE Hockey League championship in terms of scorekeeper staff and meeting rooms.

    Off-Ice Officials Education – Live Game Checks can be done by the ÖEHV Statistic responsible person. The respective club has to enable access to the arena and the scorekeeper’s bench without any costs.

    The presence of official scorekeepers (with an ÖEHV identification card) will be verified by the referees officiating at the game. Should a scorekeeper be unable to provide proof of his/her identity (by means of an identification card), this will be penalized in accordance with the ICE Hockey League Penalty Catalog (Part I). Likewise, the non-participation of scorekeepers (at least three per club) in the ÖEHV Scorekeeper Training Seminars will be penalized in accordance with the ICE Hockey League Penalty Catalog.

  3. The off-ice officials must support the referees before, during and after the game. Off-ice officials must not communicate the content of discussions with referees to club representatives, coaches, players or representatives of the media.

    Their behavior must be neutral and objective in all cases. Especially during play, the off-ice officials must not judge or comment on the referees' decisions by means of gestures, facial expressions or verbal statements.

  4. All other duties to be fulfilled by off-ice officials can be found in the IIHF Off-Ice Officials Handbook.

  5. The Off-ice Officials have to be dressed neutral (no team apparel allowed). In the event the ICE Hockey League provides clothing it will become mandatory to wear.