From the 2022/23 season on and in accordance with the IIHF Rule Book, that defines a maximum of 22 dressed players, for an official ICE Hockey League Championship game, there must be a minimum of 12 domestic players, as defined by §2, listed on a full strength 22-player game sheet, including minimum 2 athletes of the category “Domestic UNDER 24”.

An ICE Hockey League Team can register a maximum of 26 player in the age category “OVER 24” per season within the ICE Hockey League transfer deadline. There is no numerical limit regarding category “Domestic UNDER 24” players, but they must be confirmed and verified on the ICE Hockey League roster as eligible to play.

Upon the conclusion of the ÖEHV and the ICE Hockey League agreement, the regulation shall be re-evaluated jointly, by the ÖEHV and the ICE Hockey League. The declared aim is to further increase the number of domestic players.