1. Rating System
    Each player – with the exception of transfer card players, national U24-players (born 1995 or younger) and national Goalies – are subjected to the objective points system. The base for the Assessment of players who have played in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga in 2017/18 is the statistics after game Day 44. 

    The Base for the assessment of players who have played in other leagues is the statistic of the respective player in the regular season of the league he has played in – in the 2017/18-season. For players in the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga in season 2018/19, the base for the assessment of players for the season 2019/20 is the statistics after the end of the first Phase of regular season.

  2. Factual Value
    The sum of the factors of the objective points system is rounded to half points or points (from 1,25 up to 1,5; from 1,75 up to 2; from 2,25 up to 2,5 and so forth).

  3. Special regulation Point Value for 2018/19:
    Transfer Card players will be assessed four points, a maximum of three (named by the club) U20-Transfercardplayers (born 1999 or younger) will be assessed two points. The fourth and all other U20-Transfer Card player will be assessed as Transfer Card player (i.e. assessed 4 points) National U24-players and National U24-Goalies (born 1995 or younger) will be assessed  zero points. National U28-Goalies (born 1991-1994) will be assessed one point five points. National Goalies over the age of 28 (born 1990 or older) will be assessed two points. 

  4. Point Value – Validity period
    A players‘ assessed (as in (2) and (3) above) Point value (viz. EBEL Point Value  List 2018/19) remains valid for the whole season and cannot change under any circumstances, except §1(6).

  5. Use of players without point values
    Deploying a player without an assigned point value is not possible and will lead to penalty verification in accordance with the EBEL Fundamental Rules, Part II §5 (7) d.

  6. Point values for transfer card players after naturalization
    From the date on which a transfer card player is naturalized, the actual calculated point value will apply to that player.

  7. Suspensions
    In cases where a player is suspended for one or more championship games, the suspended player cannot be deregistered or traded during the time of the suspension. If the employment between a player and team ends before the end of the suspension the player can be deregistered but the point-value and the number of the player (one player) stays for the counting of the roster sheet.