IIHF Definition: An attempt by a player or team official to usurp the power of an on-ice official, demean or degrade an on-ice official, call into question the integrity or ability of an on-ice official, or physically confront an on-ice official.

V. Match Penalty (Replaced with a Game Misconduct and no time penalty)

Physical Abuse of Officials: Game Misconduct Penalty (Match penalty option is replaced by a Game Misconduct and no time penalty)

  1. A player or team official who deliberately applies physical force in any manner against an on-ice official and is detrimental to the conducting of the game

  2. A player who swings or physically uses his stick at an on-ice official

  3. In any manner, attempts to injure or physically demeans an official

  4. Deliberately applies physical force to an on-ice official solely for the purpose of getting free of such an official during or immediately following an altercation

Automatic Suspension – Process - Immediately after the game in which such game misconduct penalty is imposed, the Referees shall, in consultation with the Linesmen, decide the category of the offense. They shall make a verbal report to the League Director of Hockey Operations immediately after game and a written report to the Director of Hockey Operations in which they may request a review as to the adequacy of the suspension.

ICE Hockey League Categories (Decision made by the officiating team following the game):

Category 1    up to 3 games – physically demeans or threatens or applies force solely for the purpose of getting free of an official
Category 2   3-6 games – applies force without intent to injure
Category 3   7+ up to lifetime – intent to injure with deliberate action causing injury

ICE Hockey League Department of Player Safety (DOPS) – in consultation with the affected official and in consideration for the category assessed by the game officials, ICE Hockey League DOPS will make a final determination for the game suspension length.