1. Advanced notice will be given for the first verification measurement. Subsequently, goalkeeper equipment can be inspected at any time by an EBEL official.

  2. All goalkeepers’ equipment will be measured, stamped and signed for verification by a member of the EBEL Department of Hockey Operations for the usage in the respective season.

  3. Each team is responsible for all goalkeepers’ equipment, including jersey, used during the respective season.

  4. No goalkeeper is allowed to participate in an EBEL game without his equipment being verified.

  5. If a goalkeeper receives new equipment, the club has to immediately notify the EBEL Department of Hockey Operations for measurement and verification. Non-verified equipment has to be measured before the goalkeeper can use it in an EBEL game.

  6. Special Event Game: When a specific jersey is used for a special event game, EBEL Department of Hockey Operation must be informed at least 48 hr. in advance and the measurement will be conducted by an EBEL official or on-ice official at least 1 hr. before the game starts.