1. A team charged with icing cannot substitute any of its players except:

    1. To replace a goaltender who had been substituted for an extra skater

    2. To replace an injured player or goaltender

    3. If either team incurs a penalty which alters on-ice manpower, the team icing the puck is allowed to make player changes. The ensuing face-off will take place in the defending zone of the team incurring the penalty.

  2. A coach who attempts to make an illegal substitution after an icing call, forcing a delay in the game while the referee or linesmen organizes the correct lineup, will be issued a warning by the referee for the first violation. A coach who attempts for a second time to make substitutions for the purpose of delaying the ensuing face-off will be assessed a bench-minor penalty.

  3. Players who are slow (after the five-second warning whistle given by the linesman) getting to the face-off location, who are in an off-side position for the ensuing face-off or use any tactic to stall for time, will be warned once only in the game by the referee. This warning will also be given to the offending team’s coach. In this situation, the offending team’s center is not ejected from the face-off. Any subsequent violation shall result in a penalty for delay of game assessed to the offending team.

  4. Any attempt by either team to make a change after the referee’s signal, attempt to place too many men on the ice for the subsequent line change, or attempt to make additional personnel changes, shall not be permitted. The referee will send the players who have attempted to change back to their players’ bench. The referee will then issue a warning to the offending team (through the coach) indicating that any subsequent violations during the rest of the game*, shall result in a bench minor penalty for delaying the game.

* In the last two minutes of regulation time or any time in overtime, the linesman will still blow his whistle to initiate the face-off, the five second time limit will be enforced; players must abide by the verbal directions given by the linesman in his attempt to conduct a fast and fair face-off. The automatic delay of game penalty will not be enforced for a 2nd face-off violation and left at the judgement of the game officials to assess (whereby the game official feels the face-off violation was avoidable or intentional).