Definition – Any player who, at the discretion of the referee, blatantly embellishes (enhances) a fall, a reaction or fakes an injury in attempt to draw a penalty by his action.

*Heightened awareness: Diving can happen in many ways; however, the great majority of all diving infractions happen around the possibility of 3 calls (Hooking, Holding and Interference). Theses 3 calls are categorized as non‐aggressive penalties.

*Understanding: put yourself in the position of a player or coach of a team that received a penalty for an infraction (team A) and the player of the opposing team (team B) dived on the play.

  1. Referee calls a minor penalty on team A for an infraction that a player of team B dove on.

  2. Referee calls 2 minutes for diving against team B.

    Team A in (1) plays shorthanded. In (2), team A, has a power play. This is all based on the same play but interpreted differently by the referee.

*Goaltenders: the rule book does a great job of protecting and allowing the goaltender to properly do his job. We have specific penalties called against opposing players when they occur against a goaltender. However, you have to be very aware when goaltenders use this protection as a tactic and diving or embellishing a call. Most of the time it is being done in 2 forms:

  1. The goalie uses his body in a manner to make you think he was bumped (hit) on a play and falls to the ice when there was no contact.

  2. A goalie covers the puck and when the whistle blows comes up shaking his hand like he has been slashed, but he was never touched.

DOPS (Department of Player Safety)

Regardless of the call at ice level, DOPS will have the ability to fine players € 250,- in situations where players feign an injury, embellish, enhance or dive within a game. In addition, players that become repeat offenders will be fined € 500,- for each subsequent act. This procedure will be conclusive upon the video footage following a game. The fact a player received a 'Diving' penalty within a game by an on-ice official, does not automatically mean a fine will ensue.