Below is an ICE Hockey League clarification regarding rule’s 214, 220 and 221 – goaltenders playing the puck.

The spirit of the rule is to eliminate the goaltender’s ability to secure a stoppage at their will, when in some cases a stoppage is not warranted or serving the best interests of the game/game flow.

The key difference is taking the past years IIHF Rule (which all participants were accustom to) and blending it with the new 2018-2022 IIHF Rule interpretation. New is the yellow zone, which has been significantly reduced from the past IIHF Rule and added new as an interpretative definition for the new IIHF Rule interpretation.

The underlying rational - in the event a goalie can safely play the puck, it is highly encouraged. The rule is not limited to having the goaltender play the puck with his stick, but delay of game rule not enforced if the goaltender has the puck in any other body part, other than his stick and is within the yellow zone.