1. Illegal equipment, equipment that does not conform to IIHF standards, and equipment deemed unacceptable for play are all classified as dangerous equipment and players utilizing such equipment are subject to penalties as outlined in Rule 128.

  2. A referee may request the measuring of any piece of equipment at any time. If he rules that it does not conform to IIHF standards in the rules set out below, it will be considered dangerous equipment and be confiscated.

  3. A player who uses dangerous equipment will be ruled off the ice and his team will be issued a warning by the referee.

  4. Dangerous equipment includes wearing a visor in a way that may cause injury to an opponent, wearing non-approved equipment, using dangerous or illegal skates or stick, failing to wear equipment under the uniform (excepting gloves, helmet, and goaltender’s pads), and cutting the palm out of one or both gloves.