Definition: A goaltender is allowed to freeze the puck in his goal crease so long as he is being pressured by an opponent. If he is not being pressured and has adequate time to make a play safely to a teammate, he is obliged to do so (see key point below).

  1. Unless he is being pressured by an opponent, a goaltender who holds the puck more for than three seconds will be assessed a minor penalty.

  2. A goaltender who is not under pressure and deliberately drops the puck into his pads, body, or equipment in order to gain a stoppage in play will be assessed a minor penalty.

*Key points in defining pressure (only applies for yellow zone)

  • Is the puck on the ice or can it be put on the ice for the goaltender to safely play the puck to a teammate?

  • Is there an opponent in or in the near vicinity of the yellow zone by immediate or pressure within a 3 second time frame?

  • Goaltender within the “yellow marked” zone has the option (not forced) to play the puck if opponent pressure of any sort is in the vicinity

  • Goaltenders must play the puck (cannot secure a stoppage), if the puck is located in the white zone when the goaltender makes a play on the puck, regardless of pressure