Definition: A goaltender is not allowed to fall on the puck to cause a stoppage in play in certain situations if his body is outside the goal crease. The yellow highlighted area (below diagram), for the purpose of freezing the puck, is considered an extension of the crease as per rule 220.
Holding the puck outside Goal Crease

Yellow Highlight Area:

  1. A goaltender is permitted to cover the puck. The key determining point is if the goaltender had an ability to play the puck, without sustained pressure in a time frame greater than 3 seconds.

  2. The area is not defined by on ice markings. It is an area that on the sides of the crease, is approximately a body length from the outside of the crease. On the top of the crease, the hash marks are the determining factor. The referee’s will have a latitude of judgement.

  3. The determination for inside/outside the yellow area is the playing of the puck. A goaltender is not permitted to play, hold or gather the puck in the white zone and then skate into the yellow zone for the purpose of securing a stoppage in play.

White Area:

  1. A goaltender who immediately covers or plays and then falls on or gathers the puck to secure a stoppage anywhere in the white area, and when the puck is behind the goal line and in the white area or beyond the hash marks, falls on or gathers the puck into his body, or the boards, will be assessed a minor penalty whether or not he is being pressured by an opponent.