Face-off Locations:

All face-offs must be conducted on one of the eight face-off spots located on the rink, other than the center ice dot. Face-offs will take place at the center ice face-off spot under the following circumstances only:

  1. At the start of a period

  2. After a goal has been scored

  3. After an error by the on-ice officials on an icing call

  4. For premature substitution of a goaltender when play has been stopped beyond the center red line.

When play is stopped prior to the center red line, the resulting face-off shall be conducted at the nearest face-off spot in the play where the zone was stopped.

For all face-offs that would have taken place at the center ice dot in the past, other than the 4 exceptions mentioned above, the face-off will occur at a neutral zone face-off dot that provides the least amount of territorial advantage to the offending team.