1. At least 48 hours before finals in which a club can win the championship, the EBEL will provide the club with a schedule for the award ceremony coordinated with the ÖEHV; this schedule will describe the awarding of the cup as well as the security service, among other things. The instructions of the persons responsible at EBEL must be followed in any case.

  2. In due time before the start of the game, a meeting will be held between the representatives of the clubs involved, the head of usher services, a representative of the EBEL and a representative of the ÖEHV.

  3. The award ceremony will take place immediately after the end of the game. The home club must (if necessary with the help of its security service) ensure that no unauthorized persons set foot on the ice before the award ceremony is finished. This applies in particular to spectators and to representatives of the press. Interviews, etc. will not be allowed prior to the end of the award ceremony.

  4. The announcer will receive a text provided by the EBEL. The award ceremony must be carried out in an objective and appropriate manner. With the exception of the official IIHF anthem, music must not be played during the ceremony.

  5. Both teams must line up at their respective blue lines and wait there until the award ceremony is finished.

  6. Should any players/coaches leave the ice before the end of a ceremony, this violation will be penalized according to EBEL Penalty Catalog. 

  7. The award ceremony will be carried out in the following sequence unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties involved (EBEL, ÖEHV and clubs):

    1. Award for Most Valuable Player – Presentation Ron Kennedy Trophy

    2. Awarding of medals to the players and coach (ÖSTM medals) and awarding of cup to the captain of the runner-up team in the EBEL Championship

    3. Awarding of medals to the players and coach (ÖSTM medals) and awarding of cup to the captain of the EBEL Champion team

    4. Awarding of cup to the assistant captain of the Austrian National Champion team

  8. The persons presenting the awards are to be dressed appropriately for the occasion.

  9. The representatives of the ÖEHV are the President and Head of Game Operations Department or a delegate nominated by the ÖEHV. The representatives of the EBEL are the President and League Manager or a delegate nominated by the EBEL. After due consultation with the EBEL and ÖEHV, representatives of the main sponsor and/or politicians may also participate in the awards ceremony.