1. The teams placed 1-8 after the last Phase of Regular season play the Playoffs in a “Best-of-Seven” series. The team reaching four wins first wins the respective series. 

  2. By finishing first after the last Phase of regular season, the team placed on top of the placement round has earned the right to choose its’ opposition from the teams placed fifth to eighth (“First-pick-right”). The second placed team picks next from the team left in the 5-to-8-group, then the third placed team picks from the teams left and finally, the team placed fourth after the intermediate stage plays the team that has not been picked yet. Home Ice remains with the first to fourth placed team.  

  3. The Semifinals will feature the four Quarterfinal Winners. The best-placed team after the last Phase of Regular Season still left in the competition plays the lowest seeded team after the last Phase of Regular Season and the second best-placed team plays the lower seated team. 

  4. Both winning Semifinalists play the Final in a “Best-of-Seven”
  5. In Play-Off-Matches, home ice remains with the better placed team after the last Phase of Regular Season.

    The league organization is authorized to adapt the schedule best possible in order to enable a “best-of-seven” series for all Playoff rounds.