EBEL Casebook - During the course of each season the emergence of new situations arise. In certain situations we cannot guarantee with certainty the situation has support from the IIHF Rulebook or IIHF Casebook. In addition, the EBEL Governing body, in co-operation with the Department of Player Safety (DOPS), has developed specific rule amendments.

The purpose of the EBEL Casebook is to clarify the interpretation of specific rules and in specific cases, a modification to the existing IIHF rule. This document serves as an official release of the interpretation and governing rules for the 2017-2018 EBEL season. The interpretations set forth in the EBEL Casebook will replace or in specific cases, supersede the ruling that is currently within the IIHF Rule Book. For all rules not mentioned in the EBEL Casebook, the official 2014-2018 IIHF Rulebook and IIHF Casebook will serve as the official ruling.

The working methodology will continue to be that when a new situation arises or a new interpretation has been accepted, the EBEL Casebook will be updated. Each rule update will be sent by email, on the EBEL web site and in print. The new rule interpretation or change will have an “effective of” date in the upper left hand corner and remain in effect the remainder of the hockey season. It is each on-ice official and team official’s responsibility to update the information when updates arise.

Referees are authorized to call all penalties provided for in the rule book from the start of warm-up time until 30 minutes after the end of the game. In the case of incidents outside of this period, the main referee must submit a report to the Disciplinary Senate.

Questions regarding the EBEL Casebook can be emailed to:

Director of Hockey Operations - EBEL

Lyle Seitz
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