Distinct Kicking Motion EBEL Interpretation:

The EBEL maintains a very liberal interpretation, calling most plays off the skates as ‘good goals’ as opposed to splitting hairs and disallowing.

The term ‘soccer style kick’ – the ‘distinct’, clear cut kicking motion that results in the puck entering the net – then no goal will be awarded (primarily for the purpose of player safety).  A soccer style kick gives energy/speed to the puck due to the leg acceleration; this is the reason for the puck to enter the net.  There will be an obvious change in puck speed and in most situations, a change in puck direction.  The skate will not maintain contact with the ice or will increase in height through the soccer style kick.

Deflections and redirects are permitted when a player is moving his skate in direction of puck.

Key points to look for: 

  • Did the skate come off the ice? If so, then the chances of a ‘soccer kick’ are higher and reason to disallow a goal

  • Was the motion of the skate dangerous to either opposing players or goaltender?

  • Was the puck moving at a high rate of speed when contacting skate?  The soccer style kick is more probable when the puck is stopped or moving slow. A puck moving at a high rate of speed, the soccer kick is less probable and a deflection is more probable

  • The kicking motion creates an obvious energy (speed) of the puck

  • Skate moves in direction of the net with the puck direction contrary to the skate direction

  • Without extra energy from the kick, the puck would not have entered the net

When in doubt if the puck is kicked in – award the goal