1. When a skater not taking the faceoff enters the faceoff circle before the puck is dropped, the skater on his team taking the faceoff must be replaced. For a second violation by any skater on that team at the same faceoff, the offending team will be assessed a bench-minor penalty.

  2. When a skater taking the faceoff has been removed from the faceoff by an on-ice official and another skater of the same team delays taking up his proper position after a warning, the offending team will be assessed a bench-minor penalty.

  3. A skater who lines up for a faceoff in an offside position or improperly in any way and, after a warning from an on-ice official continues to line up offside or improperly, will be assessed a minor penalty.

  4. New - When a team commits an icing infraction, any face-off violation will not result in the center being removed. The center will be warned by the Linesman that the team has committed their first face-off violation and any subsequent violation will result in a bench minor penalty for delay of game - face-off violation being assessed.

  5. New - Player Jerseys – Players that enter the ice (during a line change), that have their jersey tucked in their pants and/or their back # is not visible, the player must be sent to players bench for an immediate substitution. In the event a player/team does not adhere to the player substitution or uses it as a tactic to delay the game, a 2 min penalty may be assessed for ‘delay of game’.  If after a warning (and substitution) a player repeatedly enters the ice with his jersey tucked in, a 10 minutes misconduct will be issued to the player under IIHF Rule 128ii – Dangerous Equipment