1. Under no circumstances are jerseys allowed to be altered or adjusted by anyone without approval by a designated EBEL Hockey Operation's Department.  Should the request be made, only a designated representative can authorize such an adjustment. Please refer to the specifications outlined below.

  2. The maximum goalkeeper jersey size is specified below.

  3. No inserts or additions are to be added to the standard goalie cut jersey as produced by the manufacturer. Modifications by the manufacturer beyond these measurements are not allowed.

  4. No “tying down” of the sweater is allowed at the wrists if it creates a tension across the jersey such that a “webbing effect” is created in the armpit area.

  5. No other tie downs or additions are allowed anywhere on the jersey that create a “webbing effect” by the jersey.

  6. The length of a jersey is illegal if it covers any area between the goalkeeper's legs.

    A = 78.74 cm /31"
    B = 80 cm /31.5"
    C= 39.37 cm /15.5"
    D= 22.86 cm /9"
    E= a consistent taper Length – 81.28 cm /32"