Measurements and dimensions of all goaltender equipment are specified under separate document.

  1. All protective equipment must be worn entirely under the uniform except gloves, facemask, and goaltender’s pads.

  2. The measurement of goaltender’s equipment, with the exception of the stick, may be requested only immediately after the end of the first or second period.

  3. With the exception of skates and stick, equipment worn by the goaltender must be constructed solely for the purpose of protecting the head and body and must not include any garment or addition which gives the goaltender undue assistance in tending goal or “making himself bigger”.

  4. Abdominal aprons, extending down the front of the thighs on the outside of the pants, are prohibited.

  5. Graffiti-type designs, patterns, artwork, drawings, or slogans which are abusive or obscene and refer to culture, race, or religion are not allowed on any equipment.

  6. The referee can request that a goaltender remove any personal accessories should the accessories be regarded as dangerous. If these personal accessories are difficult to remove, the goaltender should tape them or put them safely under his game sweater in such way that they are no longer dangerous. In this case, the goaltender will be required to leave the ice during this process, and a warning will be issued to his team.

  7. For a second violation of §6 (6), the referee will assess a misconduct penalty to the offending goaltender.