1. At all times, the scorekeepers must keep at their disposal the gauges made available by the ÖEHV for the purpose of measuring sticks and goaltenders' equipment.

  2. Measurement of equipment

    1. The measurement of goaltender equipment, with the exception of the stick, will be as per the official “EBEL Goaltender Standards” manual.

    2. Before the start of a season, the EBEL league management will measure the equipment of each Goaltender, with the exception of their sticks. The equipment will be sealed. Should a piece of equipment be changed or modified during the course of the season, the said piece needs to be measured and re-sealed immediately before on-ice use. 

    3. Only EBEL league management will be permitted to measure goaltender equipment, with the exception of the sticks. The referees are allowed to measure the goalkeepers stick only.