1. Any team whose player(s) cross the Center Red Line in warm-ups (inclusive of body and/or equipment) to initiate any sort of unsportsmanlike behavior (including shooting pucks at opponents end) or become involved in any altercation, fight instigate, contact or verbal remarks to initiate a gathering, other than during the periods of the game, shall be subjected to a suspension and/or fine under the EBEL Penalty Catalog Ref. NR. 103/104 - Unsportsmanlike Conduct. In addition, the Head Coach of the team who is investigated (started) or provoked such activity is subject to a suspension or fine to the respective club.

  2. The Game Timekeeper shall be responsible for signaling the commencement and termination of the pre-game warm-up and any violation of this rule by the players shall be reported to the Commissioner.

    The only time players are permitted to be on the ice for warm-up is between the times when the clock reads 40 minutes and all players must exit the ice no later than the clock reading 20 minutes.

    Warm-up will start at 40 minutes on the clock and conclude at 20 minutes on the clock. When the clock reads 20 minutes, all players must be off the ice. Only team personnel to pick up the pucks shall be on the ice. If players remain on the ice past this time, they shall be subjected to a suspension and/or fine under the EBEL Penalty Catalog Ref. NR. 103/104 - Unsportsmanlike.

    1st time - €250,00 – team fine
    2nd time - €500,00 – team fine
    3rd time - €1.000,00 – team fine
    4th time and all subsequent times – Coach suspension + €2.500,00 team fine

    Twenty (20) minutes before the time scheduled for the start of the game, both teams shall vacate the ice and proceed to their dressing rooms while the ice is being flooded. Both teams shall be signaled by the Game Timekeeper to return to the ice together in time for the scheduled start of the game.

    1. Game preparation and starting six: The schedule prior to the game must be based on the game's starting time (puck drop) as specified in these Procedure Regulations.

    2. The home club is to provide the visiting club with 35 pucks available at their respective players bench before the warm up begins.

    3. The home club provides 35 pucks for the guest team on the respective player bench before the start of the warm-up.

    4. The referees have the right to reserve the neutral zone of the rink for their own warm-up activities if the teams do not leave them sufficient space on the ice.

    5. Warm-up time may be shortened or postponed by mutual consent, for example due to the delayed arrival of the visiting club. In any case, warm-up time must be provided simultaneously and in the same duration for both teams.

    6. Only the 22 eligible players who are entered in the team roster may take part in this warm-up 
  3. Upload Video procedure:

    1. Pre-Game Warm-up
      The video must be on and filming 3 minutes before warm-ups begin, until the last player has left the ice. The camera should be stationary filming the Center Red Line the entire warm-up.

    2. Intermissions
      The video must be on and filming, beginning 3 minutes left in the intermission of each period, including over time intermissions. Video for the upload will now include - 3 minutes before the start of the period, the entire period and until the last player has left the ice at the conclusion of the period.

    The Game Delegate and/or Game Supervisor must view from the start of Warm-ups until the last player has left the ice. In the event any activity happens during warm-ups that involve verbal or physical attention to the opposing team, a detailed report must be submitted.