1. All players participating in the EBEL must properly wear a mouth guard.

  2. It‘s recommended that goalkeepers wear proper mouth protection, but not mandatory.

When player(s) do not adhere: One Team Warning will be given and player will be instructed to not participate in the game until proper protection is worn. 

After a Team warning has been issued by the Referee and the same/or different players participate in play without proper mouth protection, the referee will issue a 10 misconduct penalty, as per IIHF Rule 128, Illegal or Dangerous Equipment.

During the course of play, if a player who entered the ice with a mouth guard loses his mouth guard, he may continue play until the 1st stoppage of play or has made a line change during play.

If the loss of a mouth guard during play becomes repetitive, the player(s) will receive 2 for Unsportsmanlike Conduct and a 10 minute Misconduct.

The EBEL has requested Referees to enforce this rule on every skater. A club not adhering to the rule may have multiple misconduct penalties, leading to not enough players to fulfil a proper line up. In such a case; the game will be deemed over and recorded as a loss to the respective team.

    1. Players born after December 31, 1974 must wear at least a visor.

    2. All players born in the years 1997 to 1999 must wear IIHF-approved half-face masks (visors) and a mouth guard/mouthpiece; players born in 2000 or later must wear IIHF-approved full-face masks (full visors) and a mouth guard/mouthpiece. The visor must extend down to cover the player's eyes and the lower edge of the player's nose. Full-face masks must be hinged. During the game, full-face masks and chin straps must be worn closed. Full-face masks must be designed in such a way that neither the puck nor a stick blade can penetrate the mask.

    3. All junior players born 2000 or later need to wear complete neck and throat protection.

    4. Goalkeepers are not permitted to wear plastic full-face visors.