1. Media relations officer
    EBEL-clubs need to name at least one Media relations officer. (Will be dubbed “media RO” in the following) The media RO is responsible for the following functions and duties:

    • Pre-selection of applications for press-accreditations before the season.

    • Responsible partner for the media during the game week (accreditations and suchlike) and at the home- and away-games that his club plays. (amongst other things, organization of press conferences respectively „open locker room“)

    • Implementation of the EBEL procedure regulations Part E

    • Responsible person for the media at home games at the arena at least two hours prior to the face-off (for accreditation purposes amongst other things). If necessary, the Media RO will, supported by EBEL, conduct the final inspection and approval of the TV/moving picture production (dubbed “TV production” in the following) until two hours prior to the start of the game.

    • The Media RO is responsible for ensuring the media representatives are pro-vided with team rosters and the preliminary official game sheet at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.

    • The Media ROs of both clubs involved coordinate the selection of the interview partners during the course of the game.

    • The media relations officer is also the contact person responsible for media-related matters for the EBEL; the media relations officer takes part in all specialist events of the EBEL.

  2. Usher services
    The sensitivity and special significance of work carried out in the media areas in particular are to be taken into account when selecting the usher personnel assigned to those areas.

    The club must take the necessary and appropriate security measures to protect media representatives and media areas and to ensure that media representatives can work without disruptions or other disturbances.