1. The organizer of ice hockey games in the EBEL/EBYSL+EBJL is generally the home EBEL/EBYSL+EBJL club. The home club is also liable for its auxiliaries and agents in the course of league play.

  2. The event organizer is required to ensure that games are carried out properly and with due attention to applicable legal and contractual requirements. In particular, such requirements include the provision of a proper game venue, including an ice surface and locker rooms, as well as compliance with the applicable security and safety regulations. 

  3. The organizer is required to ensure that medical care and the appropriate first aid personnel are available at the events. The event organizer must ensure that injured players, officials or spectators are transported to a physician or hospital.

    The event organizer must also ensure the availability of sufficient, educated usher personnel as well as the undisturbed entrance and departure of the teams, referees and officials (to and from the dressing rooms and transportation vehicles).

  4. In general, the costs of the event are to be borne by the organizer.