1. EBEL has the right to consider any given match necessary of supervision.

  2. Requests from EBEL clubs for special supervision are to be fulfilled as long as such requests are received by the EBEL Administrative Office at least 48 hours prior to the opening face-off. The costs of such supervision are to be borne by the EBEL club which submitted the request.

  3. Using the form by EBEL, the Supervisor is obliged to report to EBEL on the game under supervision immediately after the game.  

  4. The clubs and referees involved are to be informed in a normal case by the EBEL that the game in question has been placed under special supervision. If a club is a repeat offender against the EBEL rules a game can be put under special supervision without any pre-notice.

  5. In case of a problem situations that occurs short-term prior a game, the EBEL can nominate a supervisor. The supervisor has the final decision whether to start a game or abandon if necessary. The participating clubs have to follow the supervisors’ requirements.