The following disciplinary measures may be imposed on clubs:

  • Warning

  • reprimand

  • fine

  • annulment of game results

  • order the game to be replayed

  • deduction of points

  • order the game to be declared forfeited

  • playing a game behind closed doors

  • prohibition of registering new players in the EBYSL/EBJL competition

  • restriction on the number of players that a participating club may register for EBYSL/EBJL competition

  • exclusion from future EBEL games and withdrawal of title or award.

Video Upload Procedure

  1. By 12:00pm (noon) on the Monday immediately following weekend games, all video uploads must be completed. On weekday games the video uploads must be completed the following day by 12:00pm (noon). If there is a technical issue, the Juniors Director of Hockey Operations must also be informed by 12:00 noon.

  2. In the event the video is not uploaded, or the League has not been informed of a technical issue, a € 250.- fine will be assessed to the respective Home Team organization – for each infraction throughout a season.

IIHF Rule 141 – Fighting

  1. The EBEL League governing body does not support fighting in Junior Hockey.

  2. The IIHF Rule, as interpreted by the On-Ice Officials, does not change: a 5 minute penalty and Game Misconduct is to be assessed, plus any additional penalties that maybe may have occurred.

  3. New – For all games where there are multiple fights (more than 1 fight), either at a stoppage or accumulated throughout the game, in addition to the on-ice penalties and player regulations from DOPS, the Head Coach of the offending team(s) is subject to an automatic game suspension and his club will be assessed a € 250,- fine.

  4. Fighting Game Misconducts will now accumulate throughout a hockey season. In addition to the above suspension and fine criteria for single games, when a team reaches 5 Fighting Game Misconducts in a single season (inclusive of multiple fights at a stoppage or single fights throughout a season), the Head Coach will be subject to automatic game suspension and the club will be assessed a € 250,- fine.

  5. When a team is deemed the instigator or aggressor (cause) within the game of multiple fights, either at a stoppage or cumulative, the Head Coach of the team deemed the “cause” of the fights is subject to a suspension of 3 games or more, plus subject to a fine directly to the Coach and a € 500.- fine to the respective team.

* Exception: if one team is deemed the instigator or aggressor of the fights (cause), then the automatic game suspension to the non-violator team may be rescinded.