During the 2015/16 season a Time & Score Recognition (TSR) (= automatic clock recognition) has been installed at every rink. Essentially this is a mini-PC with a size of approx. 20x20 cm.

This set-up only needs to be made once and it delivers the clocks signal as a network-compatible data stream directly to the statistic system. The camera doesn’t necessarily have to capture the scoreboard in an „right angle“, depending on the installation position the picture will be equalized automatically. Due to this fact the installation can also be made e.g. at one side of the red line. The mini-PC must be installed in a way that spectators cannot reach it, but it should be reachable for the staff in case some readjustments and/or maintenance need to be made.

As long as a direct connection to the existing clock system is possible and has been clarified with hockeydata, this direct connection can be used. In this case the TSR serves as a “translator” between the game clocks protocol and the hockeydata protocol.

The TSR system will automatically provide the clock-signal to all other stations!

Necessary connections:

  • 220V power connection, network connection

  • Montage: any location within the rink, unreachable for the audience