1. Workplaces 

    clear view of the whole ice surface (only way to guarantee an accurate recording)

    and enough space for notebooks.

    • every workplace must be equipped with 220V power connection and network connection (a socket each)

  2. 2-3 Notebooks 

    for the recording of 

    • e-grep, e-grep advanced (min. 1, max. 2)

    Technical Features of the notebooks:

    • Windows 7 or higher

    The necessary software-packages that need to be installed will be provided as a download by hockeydata.

    Every notebook needs a short network cable (1-2m) to connect to the network socket.

  3. Network cable

    Appropriate, permanently mounted cable routes to the 5 notebooks/workplaces and the TSR.

  4. Network access (via LAN) 

  5. Switch/Router

    Guarantees internet access for all computers for the purpose of updates and remote technical support

  6. Module Time&Score Recognition

    this has been handed out to all teams and was properly installed during the 2015/16 season 


The program “TeamViewer” which is available for download on the hockeydata homepage, must be installed on all computers beforehand. Please make sure to use the predefined version of “TeamViewer” recommended by hockeydata. This is the only way we can guarantee a comprehensive support-service.