1. Game venues can only be approved for league play if they comply with the requirements specified in the official IIHF Rule Book as well as the guidelines issued by the ÖEHV and ICE Hockey League.

    The approval of a game venue represents the acceptance of that venue in terms of playing requirements, but not in terms of security requirements. This approval of a game venue for league play does not establish any liability on the part of the ICE Hockey League or ÖEHV vis-à-vis the event organizer or third parties.

  2. Any and all behavior which endangers the safety or security of the persons involved in the event or of the spectators is prohibited.

  3. In general, it is the event organizer's responsibility to ensure the security of all persons involved. Agreements with the owner or operator of the game venue will remain unaffected by these provisions.

  4. In coordination with the ÖEHV, the ICE Hockey League may conduct inspections of the game venues approved for league play and impose requirements.