1. ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga ‘s rights

    1. Marketing of the following rights will be executed exclusively by ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga:

      • Awarding of Sponsor/partner titles at league level

      • Advertising on Referee’s uniforms

      • Advertising on Jerseys (According to main sponsor contract)

      • Kick plate advertising according to IIHF-Rulebook

      • In-Ice-Advertising – face-off circle (According to main sponsor contract)

      • Advertising on boards (According to main sponsor contract)

      • Banner advertising (According to main sponsor contract)

      • Presentation of Starting Six

      • Licensed products across multiple clubs, such as player cards, games, fan items, etc.;

      • Internet-Homepage of ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga and Statistics

      • Advertising use of league play where related to part or all of the league name (e.g., title sponsors, presenters);

      • ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga-ALL-STAR-GAME; etc.

      • TV insert sponsoring (graphic sponsoring for television broadcasts).

      • ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga Special Events according to detailed regulations

        In cases where no league-wide marketing exploitation by ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga is realized by April 30 prior to the start of a season, ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga clubs may market the advertising space on the kick plate as well as the presentation of the starting six independently in consultation with the ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga. In the marketing of advertising space on the kick plate, it is explicitly necessary to ensure that the yellow base color remains unchanged. Any such proposed designs are to be submitted to the ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga for approval. On conclusion of a league wide agreement, the respective club has to provide the advertising space kick board in the next season to the ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga.

    2. The clubs are responsible for ensuring that the ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga can exercise the above-mentioned rights without restrictions due to third-party rights and without any actual obstructions.