1. All knee protection must be worn under the thigh guard of the pant. All flaps that are attached to the inside of the goal pad above the knee that are not worn under the pant thigh pad will not be permitted.

  2. The knee strap pad is the pad that separates the inside of the knee and the ice.

  3. The knee protection must be worn with the strap tight and do not cover any portion of the ‘Five-hole’. The padding between the knee strap pad and the inner knee channel is not affected by this measurement standard. (Rule 230)

  4. The knee strap pad is not to exceed 15.24 cm / 6’’ in length x 13.97 cm / 5.5’’ in width x 3.81 cm / 1.5’’ in thickness. The knee strap pad must be fastened to the inner raiser.

    a) Side view                                              b) Thickness of the Knee Strap Pad

  5. The total width measurement of the entire inner knee padding (pad risers), including the outer knee strap pad, must not exceed 6.35 cm / 2.5’’ in thickness. The inner kneepads are not to exceed 17.78 cm / 7’’ in length, 13.97 cm / 5.5’’ in width. The length of 17.78 cm / 7’’ is measured from where the inner padding attaches to the leg pad and back to the end of the inner padding.

    a) Thickness view                                  b) Side view

  6. Medial rolls (raised seam ridges) will not be permitted.

  7. Calf protection must follow the contour of the calf and ankle and can have a thickness of no greater than 3.81 cm / 1,5’’.

  8. No raised ridges will be permitted on the calf protector that would be deemed to act as deflectors of pucks.