1. The goalkeeper’s leg pads shall not exceed 28 cm / 11” in extreme width. Each goalkeeper must wear pads that are anatomically proportional and size specific based on the individual physical characteristics of that goalkeeper.

  2. The length of the goalkeeper’s leg pads should be limited to a maximum dependent on height of each individual, from bottom mid-point to top mid-point of the pad.

  3. The total measurement of the pad is based on 4 different height criteria’s, depending of the height of the goalkeeper:

    1. up to 168 cm / 5’ 06’’          86,5 cm / 34’’

    2. 169 cm / 5’ 07” to 175 cm / 5’ 09’’    89 cm / 35’’

    3. 176 cm / 5’ 10” to 182 cm / 6’ 0”     93 cm / 36,5’’

    4. 183 cm / 6’ 1’’ and taller        96,5 cm /38’’

  4. The minimum length of the boot of the pad is to be no less than 17.78 cm / 7”. The boot is the bottom of the pad that sits over the top of the skate. The boot channel of the goalkeeper pad must be flat or concave in appearance.

  5. No attachments, such as plastic puck foil, are permitted.

  6. Any pads deemed too large for a goalkeeper will be considered illegal equipment for that goalkeeper, regardless of whether or not they would have fallen within previous equipment maximums.

  7. Procedure

    1. The length of the goalkeeper’s leg pad can be measured from the mid-point of the bottom of the pad to the crease of the boot and then continuing up to the top mid-point of the pad.

    2. The pads seldom come straight and are manufactured with the boot bent as they are.

    3. The pad can be measured without the goalkeeper having it on.

    4. The goal pad must have a defined boot channel with no inserts. The boot is the portion of the pad that covers the top of the skate-the laces- where the toe cap starts and the crease where the pad straightens out. It is measured from the mid-point at the toe-cap to the crease where the pad straightens. The length of the boot of the pad must not be less than 17.78 cm / 7” and this is included in the total measurement.

  8. Techniques

    1. Measurement of the Length of the Boot and the Length of the Pad

      The pads are measured for length while off of the goalkeeper’s legs. Place the pad flat on the ground, front side facing up, and straighten the pad by placing your knee on the horizontal rolls located at the knee portion and pulling up on the pad. Clip your flexible tape on the end of the boot and first measure the length of the boot. If there is a hole where the skate fits through the pad, draw an imaginary line and include this length in your measurement and make this the starting point. Continue up the center of the pad and measure to the top. Watch to make sure the pad does not flare at the top. If this is the case, take the longest measurement from top to bottom. (See the Figure).