1. Under no circumstances are pants allowed to be altered or adjusted by anyone other than by a designated representative and approved by the ICE Hockey League Department of Hockey Operations. Should the request be made, only a designated representative can authorize such an adjustment.

  2. No internal or external padding is allowed on the pant leg or waist beyond that to provide protection (no outside or inside ridges).

  3. The maximum width (straight line) of the thigh pad across the front of the leg of the pant is 25.40 cm / 10’’. If the groin and/or hip pads extend beyond the edge of the front thigh pad they are to be included in this 25.40 cm / 10’’ measurement. This measurement is to be taken while the goalkeeper is in an upright standing position. This measurement is to be made 12.70 cm / 5’’ up from the bottom of the pant leg.

  4. The same alteration policy, dimensions and measurement procedures will be performed on goalkeeper pant shells elected to be worn over their own goalkeeper pants by goalkeepers.

  5. If the goalkeeper is wearing his goalkeeper pant shell really loose, which allows him to close the five-hole (the open space between his legs above his pads) when he is in the crouch or ready position, the wearing of the pant shells in this fashion will be considered illegal and the above-mentioned documents will apply.

  6. All thigh pads must follow the contour of the leg. Square thigh pads are considered illegal.

  7. All knee protection must be strapped and fit under the thigh pad of the pant leg and not exceed 25.40 cm / 10’’ allowed for the width of the thigh pad. Layering at the knee is permitted to add protection but not to add stopping area.

  8. Each goalkeeper must wear pants that are anatomically proportional and size specific based on the individual physical characteristics of that goalkeeper. The ICE Hockey League League's Hockey Operation Department will have the complete discretion to determine the maximum size for each goalkeeper's pants based on measurements obtained by the ICE Hockey League League's Hockey Operation Department, which will include but not be limited to, measurements for waist circumference and length of pant above and below the waist line. In determining pants sizes, whether or not a goalkeeper wears his chest and arm pads inside or outside of his pants will also be considered. Any pants deemed too large for a goalkeeper will be considered illegal equipment for that goalkeeper, regardless of whether or not it would have fallen within previous equipment maximums.