1. Connecting the Hardware

    • Power and network cable (4th rack unit from the top) should already be connected as the servers are supposed to be permanently online.

    • Plugin the HD-SDI cables on the back of the system (3rd rack unit from the bottom) in case they are not connected yet. Please use the following order:

    • Time – Camera that records the score board

    • Multiview 1 – Main camera

    • Multiview 2 – Over goal camera 1

    • Multiview 3 – Over goal camera 2

    • Multiview 4-6 – Additional signals
Fig.1: Backside of the hardware system with power, network and video signal ports


  1. Starting the System

    • There are two toggle switches on the front of the system. One switch (bottom switch) controls the power supply for the servers, screen and network switch. This switch needs to stay activated all the time.

    • The other power switch should be deactivated after the recording is done and activated 1 hour before the next game starts.

    • A push-button (2nd rack unit from the top, right side) allows you to switch screen and keyboard from one server to the other.

    • The keyboard (inside the drawer) has an “On / Off” switch at the backside. To save battery power you should deactivate the keyboard after using it.
Fig.2: Front of the case with screen and power switches


  1. Partial System Shut-down

    • Please deactivate the power switch at the front side of the box after the recording is stopped as described in step 2. The servers, screen and network switch must stay activated.