At the back of the Sportlounge box are the connectors for the HD-SDI video signals. The connections are divided into input and output signals. The inputs are located on the eight-terminal strip, the outputs on the four-terminal strip.

It has to be ensured that the HD-SDI video signals are delivered in 1080i50.

  1. The input signals are to be connected as follows from left to right (seen from the backside)

    1. Main Camera clean
    2. Main Camera dirty (with graphics)
    3. Main Camera close-up
    4. Center Ice Camera / Stream
    5. Over-Head Camera left (VGJ-Camera left)
    6. Over-Head Camera right (VGJ-Camera right)
    7. End-Zone Camera left
    8. End-Zone Camera right

      As soon as the Sportlounge Scoreboard Connect is implemented “Main Camera dirty (with graphics)” does not need to be connected anymore and the order of connection changes to the following:

    9. Main Camera clean
    10. Main Camera close-up
    11. Center Ice Camera
    12. Stream

  2. The output signals are assigned as follows from left to right (seen from the backside)

    1. Over-Head Camera left (VGJ-Camera left)
    2. Over-Head Camera right (VGJ-Camera right)
    3. Recording of the VGJ-Monitor
    4. EMPTY